Gone Balmy

Aromatherapy Balms

All our Balms are hand made with beeswax, shea butter, coconut and jojoba oils to which we add essential oils which are one of nature’s kindest gifts.  Their wonderful aromas can help every mood and feeling their therapeutic powers are remarkable.

Our range includes:-

Ever so Jointly – this balm is infused with black pepper, juniper and chamomile known for their warming and calming properties for the relief of tired aching joints.

Muscle Rehab – for the relief of tired aching muscles, this blend uses gingergrass, sandalwood and black pepper.  Gingergrass is anti-inflammatory and analgesic whilst sandalwood is relaxing and calming with the added benefit of warming black pepper.

SkinIrrity – German chamomile, Lavendar and Helichrysum  are blended for their soothing action on irritated problematic skin with helichrysum oil known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.   This balm is ideal for those mild skin irritations, stings and scratches.  A good natural product for the first aid kit.

Temple Time – help relieve those tension and sinus headaches with this gentle balm with lavendar, peppermint and black pepper.  Peppermint will help clear the congestion and clear the sinuses with soothing lavendar and black pepper to calm the situation.

Karma Balm – designed to calm the body and relax the mind using essential oils of geranium, rose, grounding vetivert and balancing bergamot.  Use on shoulders and pulse points when needed.

The Balm of Love – Warming amber and cinnamon leaf oils are blended with heady jasmine and sweet exotic ylang ylang.   Both feminine and masculine this balm is cherishing.

All these balms are available at Debden Barns; priced from £5.00 to £8.50

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